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Today the Wildlife Trust form one of the least wooded counties in one of the least countries in Europe brings you a magazine focusing on woodlands! More specifically, our theme is woodland management - something which is essential if wildlife as we know it is to survive.
The word management in relation to the environment tends not to evoke as much public sympathy for our cause as others such as caring, protecting or even greening, but conservation management is an idea we must explain if our work is to be understood.
Opportunities for nature in our modern landscape are so diminished, fragmented and isolated that natural processes are no longer able to maintain the current range of species and habitats without human interference.
Unless we carry out conservation management, we will lose even more of our biodiversily (another terrible word with which we have to deal) - the varied web of life upon which all species depend, including our own.
Many thanks, as always, for your practical, financial and moral support for what we are doing, and we hope you will enjoy reading about what it has allowed us to achieve.

Mark Nicholson


for the next issue of Wild Cornwall

15th November 1996

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