Practical Action on Reserves in Cornwall

I often find myself feeling helpless when I learn of the plight of the exotic, endangered species and habitats of the tropics; these rarities seem so far away and inaccessible. But my thoughts soon turn to our nature reserves in CornwalL They support a wealth of very important wildlife habitats, some of which are of international significance. In turn, the habitats provide a refuge for some very rare species, ranging from butterflies to birds, plants to mammals. Clearly, it is foolish to feel helpless - everyone can play a part in the conservation of important species and habitats, and we do not have to leave Cornwall to do so. This programme of projects involves practical action to save the important habitats and species on our doorstep! Come along - don 't feel helpless!

For all projects, full details of why, what and how are given by the task leader on the day, plus full tuition on the use of tools and a tour of the site. No experience is needed, just a bit of enthusiasm. Please do not hesitate to coutact me at the Trust if you would like further details or to be put on our mailing list for the PARC leaflet.

Victoria Scott, Reserves Officer

The rare and beautiful marsh fritillary butterfly is very selective about where it lives and breeds. It depends upon devil's bit scabious, the plant with attractive pale purple flowers occurring in late summer. To promote the growth of devil's bit scabious we shall be cleaning leggy European gorse from the important heathland areas. We shall burn the unwanted gors( on a bonfire, so bring potatoes in foil for the embers.

Meet at the reserve entrance at Lowertown (Grid Ref: SX 054 610). Lifts from Five Acres a 9.30am or Truro railway station at 9.45am are available.

Heathland supporting the rare Dorset heath occurs at Ventongimps Moor. The heathiand is of international importance, so we are working hard to maximise its extent at Ventongimps. The glade created last year will be linked to the open heathland area by means of a wildlife corridor. Also, scrub clearance to assist the grazing Exmoor ponies will be carried out.

Meet at the reserve entrance in Ventongimps village (Grid Ref: SW 78 1 5 14). Lifts from Five Acres at 10.00am or Truro railway station at 10.15am are available.

Red Moor supports a wide range of rare species including the small red damselfly, scarce blue-tailed damselfly, royal fern and marsh cinquefoil. These rarities have differing habitat requirements and the Trust aims to ensure that the mosaic of wilderness areas here is maintained. Today. some work will be done in the important heathland areas and on the Wilderness Trail boardwalks.

Meet at the grass triangle at Tredinnick Pits (Grid Ref: SX 077 623). Lifts from Five Acres at 9.45am or Truro railway station at 10.00am are available.

This is a rich and varied nature reserve. Of particular importance are the sunny butterfly glades which come alive in the summer months. Do come along to work alongside the regular volunteers on their habitat management and access projects.

Meet at the reserve entrance gate 2 miles south of Camborne on the B3303 (Grid Ref: SW 641 377). Lifts from Five Acres at 9.45am or Truro railway station at 10.00am are available


Just turn up on site at 10.30am (consult the maps). A lift from Five Acres or Truro railway station can be provided for most of the tasks. Please come prepared for the weather - wellies (for safety, those with steel toe caps are best) and waterproofs are usually essential, and some gardening gloves if you have them. Don't forget your packed lunch; hot drinks and biscuits are provided. Further information can be obtained on (01872) 73939.

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