Tarmack Playground

It's incredible to think that as we approach the millennium so many of our children still spend so much of their time in featureless playgrounds like this!

The state of school grounds has been ignored for too long. Good examples can enhance the understanding and enjoyment of nature, contribute significantly to meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum and provide a better quality of school life. We are only just beginning to understand the damage being caused by bad examples.

The Alternative

With your help the Cornwall Wildlife Trust can improve school grounds - and at the same time increase wildlife habitat - by providing the expert advice, practical skills and materials that schools so desperately need.

15 will help introduce wild flowers to a meadow
30 will help buy enough shrubs to plant 30 metres of hedgerow
50 will help buy 100 trees for a small woodland
250 will help buy the materials to build a new pond

Please support our School Grounds Appeal

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