The Cornwall Bat Hospital was started in 1987 by Ginni Little, who has devoted her life to caring for these much misunderstood animals. Sick and injured bats are brought to the hospital throughout the year and are nursed and cared for by Ginni and her volunteers.


The main priority of the hospital is to rehabilitate sick and injured bats and return them to the wild. The hospital also keeps its own extensive records and regularly exchanges information with other like-minded groups in the quest to learn more about these fascinating creatures. Help and advice on bats is always available and is called upon from both the general public and specialist organisations. The hospital is actively involved in education, through visits to the hospital, talks and provision of hands-on training for students, and currently has two "New Deal" people training there.

A very high percentage of bats are released each year and details of new treatment techniques are passed on to help others. It is, of course, not always possible to release the animals back to the wild and bats that have recovered but are unable to be released are given a permanent home at the hospital.

To Adopt-a-Bat please call the Cornwall Bat Hospital. The hospital is always in need of volunteers. Ginni cannot cope alone and would never be able to continue without her ever-willing volunteers. The requirements of the hospital range from hands-on feeding of bats to paperwork and, of course, the ever-important fund-raising.

If you would like to find out more contact Cornwall Bat Hospital

Tel: 0044 (0)1736 365687
Ginni Little - Cornwall Bat Hospital
5 Alma Terrace Penzance Cornwall TR18 2BY

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This is Glenn & Tina Stimson and we are starting up our own Bat Hospital/ Bat Rescue operation. So if theres any thing you think that we might be interested in do please drop us a line.
Havering Bat Rescue, 2 Helmsley House, Leyburn Crescent, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex
tel: 01708 386577 email:

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