Charlie - a brown long-eared batSick and injured bats are brought into the Bat Hospital for lots of different reasons - many have been attacked by cats and some have been poisoned. All of these bats are nursed back to health and, if possible, returned to the wild. Bats that are unable to fly or fend for themselves are given a permanent home at the hospital.

The Bat Hospital is run entirely by volunteers, and much of the bats' food and medicine is paid for out of Ginni's own pocket. With increasing demands on the hospital it is becoming more and more expensive. Your 15 adoption could literally save a bat's life!

You can help directly to fund life-saving work at the Bat Hospital and other conservation projects for bats.

Every six months we'll send you an update on your bat. And when you join we'll send you an adoption certificate and a welcome pack with lots of information.

Become a Friend of the Bat Hospital and you'll also receive a full-colour print and a special invitation to visit the hospital in Penzance, Cornwall.

Yes, I would like to help the bats!:    (Meet the bats)


The Bat Hospital - Some batty facts

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