Practical Action on Reserves in Cornwall

The practical tasks listed provide an excellent opportunity to visit one of our nature reserves in the company of a Trust staff member or an experienced volunteer or warden. The work is very rewarding and even relaxing as we always take it very steadily - hot drinks and biscuits are also provided.

As always, full details of why, what and how are given by the task leader on the day, plus full tuition on the use of tools and a tour of the site. No experience is needed, just a bit of enthusiasm. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the Trust if you would like further details or to be put on our mailing list for the PARC leaflet.
Victoria Scott, Conservation Officer

This reserve is a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is of interest due to the presence of micro-fossils, occurring in the clay deposits, which provide a unique source of evidence relating to the geomorphological evolution of the South West. Come along and assist us with our community access project here - installing steps, waymarking arrows and fencing.

St Erth Pits
Meet at the playing fields at the end of Vicarage Gate Road in St Erth, 2 miles south of Hayle. (Grid Ref: SW 556 351). Lifts from Five Acres at 9.45am or Truro railway station at l0.OOam are available.

Exmoor ponies graze this important Site of Special Scientific Interest. By grazing, they maintain a rich diversity of wild flowers upon which many rare insects depend. The yellow- flowered ragwort which occurs here is a weed which is poisonous to the Exmoor ponies, so it must be pulled and removed from the site. Please come along to help us with this important task (6th July). On 17th August we shall be cutting reeds from the reedbeds.

Loggan's Moor
Meet at the reserve entrance, just off the B330 1, east of Hayle (Grid Ref: SW 575 390). Lifts from Five Acres at 9.45am or Truro railway station at l0.OOam are available.

Red Moor supports a wide range of species including the small red damselfly, scarce blue-tailed damselfly, royal fern and marsh cinquefoil. The Wilderness Trail guides visitors across the reserve through the varied habitats upon which these species depend. We shall be upgrading the Wilderness Trail by installing further waymarking arrows and improving sections of the paths.

Red Moor
Meet at the grass triangle at Tredinnick Pits (Grid Ref: SX 077 623). Lifts from Five Acres at 9.45am or Truro railway station at l0.OOam are available.

This is always a popular task and always very muddy. We shall be cutting a section of reeds along the edge of the reedbed with the aim of reducing the vigorous growth of reeds next year. This will enable other plants to grow in these areas, thus increasing their appeal to butterflies, dragonflies and moths.

Nansmellyn Marsh
Meet at the reserve entrance in Perranporth (Grid Ref: SW 762 543). Lifts from Five Acres at 1000am or Truro railway station at 10.lSam are available.

Just turn up on site at l0.3Oam (consult the maps). A lift from Five Acres or Truro railway station can be provided for most of the tasks. Please come prepared for the weather - wellies (for safety, those with steel toe caps are best) and waterproofs are usually essential, and some gardening gloves if you have them. Don't forget your packed lunch; hot drinks and biscuits are provided. Further information can be obtained on (01872) 273939.

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