People care!
The Trust now has over 6,200 members, and an average of three new members join the Trust every day - clear evidence that people in Cornwall care about our wildlife and wild places.

Members' contributions now account for well over 100,000 of the Trust' s income - vital money for conservation work. Inevitably a small proportion of this income has to be spent on administration - things like producing this magazine, sending out renewal reminders, etc. The Trust is committed to keeping these costs to a minimum and that's why we have just installed a new system to administer membership subscriptions. You probably won't notice that anything has changed. Most of the changes are "behind the scenes", but it's possible we may have mis-spelt your address or made some other minor mistake - this is because we've had to retype all of your names and addresses!

We're checking everything we can, and correcting mistakes as we find them, but if you find a mistake before us, please accept our apologies and contact Andrea (your Membership Secretary) at Trust HQ.

The new system is now in place and will save the Trust money, which means more of your contribution will go to help save Cornwall's wildlife and wild places.


1. Pay by Direct Debit. This the most efficient way to pay for your membership and therefore the cheapest method for us to administer. Some people still pay their membership by standing order, which is not the same as a Direct Debit and is more expensive for the Trust. If you're not sure how your membership is paid, feel free to ring Andrea at the Trust - (01872) 73939 - and she will also be pleased to send you a Direct Debit form if you wish.
2. Covenant your contribution. A covenant costs you nothing, but if you pay income tax it allows us to claim an extra third of your membership fee from the Inland Revenue. SQ for every 15 you give us we can claim an extra 5 (approximately) from the taxman, but only if you've signed a covenant. Many members have already covenanted their membership, but if you haven't or if you're not sure, please give Andrea a call.

Paul Horak

Habitat saved
The Habitat Appeal, which was launched in the last magazine, has so far raised nearly 9,000 from members alone. This will be used as matching funding to attract lottery and other grants for land purchase and management, and it will be worth over 100,000 - an incredible start! Thank you.
The appeal was officially launched in October of last year to an audience of local and national government officials, local businessmen, the media and others. One person was so moved by the presentation he made a donation there and then!

The Trust is now actively pursuing several potential new nature reserves. At the time of writing, two of these - both woodlands - are at an advanced stage and we hope to announce that they will become nature reserves in the next few months.

The Habitat Appeal is not over - it has only just started. We are now asking local businesses, charitable trusts and others for their support. We will also be holding a series of events to help raise funds. With the support you've given us to get started, I feel confident we will reach our target of 1,000,000 within the next five years. But just in case you think we no longer need your help, a million pounds is still a long way off and the sooner we get there the more wildlife sites we can save.

How can you help?

1. Submit an application for funds to the company you work for on our behalf
If you think the company you work for just might give us a few pennies, please let me know and I'll send you an application to submit on our behalf. Companies are far more likely to respond to appeals submitted through their staff.

2. Join our Fund-raising Events Committee
We meet once a month at Five Acres and organise events - the main event in 1997 will be the Trust fair, High and Wild. You don't need any special skills; we need your ideas, suggestions and occasional help. Please give me a call on (01872) 73939 for further information.

3. Make a donation
Please send all donations to the Habitat Appeal, Five Acres, Allet, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9DJ.

Paul Horak

Rowena Varley and her bats at High and Wild 1996.
Would anyone like to help us organize this year's High and Wild? Photo: Paul Horak

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