I'm going under the cover of working for VSO, but in truth it's really an extended wildlife safari and so long as no one lets on I should be OK.
Meanwhile, back in Penwith we are desperately seeking a new chief cook but they seem to be a very rare commodity these days. Liz Tregenza has offered to bridge the gap (sorry, kitchen - mustn't mix my metaphors) in the meantime, but having done the job for a number of years in the past she will be only too pleased to let someone relieve her of it.
So, if you fancy your name in print and have a few minutes to spare, put your hand up or, better still, contact Liz Tregenza as soon as possible. But from me it's au revoir until 1998.

Jane Richardson


Space does not permit full reports on all events. However, March saw us at Respryn; Frances and Leslie Smith led us around the river and woodlands on a fine morning to see early signs of spring - violets, primroses and nesting birds. In April, Dave Thomas took us through Fir Hill Woods, Colan, and what a lovely welcome the cuckoo sang for us. Spring flowers were in abundance, as were song birds.
Dave again admirably led our May walk at West Pentire and Porth Joke. The fields and cliffs, yellow with cowslips, or blue with squills or bluebells, and also featuring less common plants like little robin and shepherd's needle, were at their very best in brilliant sunshine. Whimbrels and whinchat, eider duck and fledgling ravens were among birds seen, and small copper, painted lady and green-veined white were some of the butterflies. We also learned the best places in the valley to watch for badgers and little owls. seashore, led by David Guiterman with support from all present and especially Ron Evenden. The lovely rock pools contained a good range, including seaweeds, anemones, sea squirts, sponges and rare sea slugs. Plenty of shellfish on the rocks and fulmars breeding on the cliffs all made for an enjoyable and - instructive event.
At the time event. of writing there are three more events in our summer programme in July, August and September. Please note the date of our brief AGM followed by Mark Nicholson's illustrated talk - Leapers and Creepers - Friday 11th October at St Austell Parish Church Hall, 7.3Opm (see diary).

Denis Ellory


Despite wind and rain the walk and cream tea which took place in May in the area of Tim and Sandy Dingle's new
house was well patronised; and as much of the walk was through wooded or sheltered areas, we did not suffer too much for our superb tea in a lovely setting. The wildflower walk which was arranged three days later was "blessed" with such dreadful weather that I am afraid all but the stoutest spirits failed!
Important. On Friday 4th October at 7.3Opm Tony Atkinson will be giving a talk at Launceston Methodist Hall on "The Wildlife of Yugoslavia before the War". (This refers to their recent civil war and not to World War II.) It is hoped that during this meeting a subsequent social event can be arranged to discuss the setting up of a Launceston Branch of the Trust, so if you are interested please make a special effort to attend.

Gill Ruddock

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