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Working in a specialist field like nature conservation, certain words and ideas become such a part of our daily lives that we sometimes assume they need no explanation. Biodiversity is an example. It may sound off-puttingly technical, but it simply means variety of life - and conserving biodiversity is exactly what our Trust was set up to do.
Even for those most closely involved, the talk of biodiversity initiatives, audits, action plans, partnerships, steering groups and the like - multiplied locally, regionally and nationally - can be confusing. Do take time to read about them though, as they are essential to tackling conservation problems effectively: we need to get together with everyone else concerned, assess (audit) what natural riches we have, decide on conservation priorities and draw up plans of action.
This process reached a significant stage in June with the launch of a document containing Cornwall s audit and setting out its priorities. These cover marine life - the main theme of the current Wild Cornwall - as well as terrestrial.
Marine conservation is a very different - and in many ways more difficult - challenge to that which we face on land. Though, as you will read, the Trust has been acting on many marine issues, there is much more that should be done here in Britain s most maritime county. Thank you for being a part of what we have achieved so far, and we hope we can count on your continuing support as we expand our activities on land and at sea.

Mark Nicholson


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15th November 1997

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