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About Redruth Town Trail

Wooden Building on Redruth Station dating from the 1850s
15 Walk back to the railway, turning right just before you reach the line. On the platform the wooden building (above) dates from Brunel's linking of the West Cornwall Railway to the Truro line and is similar to other GWR buildings of the 1850s. The footbridge dates from 1888. above the station, on the slope behind, is the chimney stack of the Pedn-an-Drea Mine. It was originally about twice as tall (l20ft), the highest in Cornwall, built in eight stages in 1824. The mine was worked for most of the 18th and 19th centuries, producing copper, tin, lead and arsenic. As well as the stack and engine houses there were several smithies, a crucible works and a brick-making works. The stack dominated the town. It served a 70-inch single cylinder engine for draining the mine. It stands as an eloquent reminder of Redruth's story.
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