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About Redruth Town Trail

Trewirgie School, on Falmouth Road

11 Ahead in Falmouth Road on the right is a garage, incorporating a former coach works, with a clock in the gable end. Beyond is Trewirgie School of 1886 (left). The 1870 Education Act led to the opening of Board Schools for ordinary families' children in many towns - but few were as commanding as this one. It had room for over 900 pupils and was the largest Board School in Cornwall. There are wings for kitchens and woodwork rooms, and gardens which figured in the teaching.

12 Turn left up Treruffe Hill. On the left a short way up you pass an opening down which the leat runs. There was a complex system of man-made watercourses running down the valley. The original stream was diverted to power water wheels, and adits brought water pumped up from the lower depths of the mines.

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