Early Years

The Boom Years

About Redruth Town Trail

7 Farther down on the right, set back, is a pre-Victorian building, the former King's Arms, now the Halifax Building Society. TherePotato Court, Fore Street were several inns in Fore Street, not only drinking houses, but also transport and communications centres in the days of horses and coaches.The area in front of the King's Arms was Potato Court (right) because potatoes were sold here. In the last century there were many such traders' stalls in Fore Street, especially on a Saturday evening.

8 Fore Street virtually was Redruth for centuries, until the boom years saw the long back gardens built over with crowded courts reached by narrow alleys. The crammed terraces had no plumbing or sanitation, and most have been demolished. A glimpse down Lemin's Court (two properties up from the Regal Cinema) gives some idea of how things were. The junction of the bottom of Fore Street is the site of the original ford across the stream, which was progressively covered over, probably in the 18th century.

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