Early Years

The Boom Years

About Redruth Town Trail

The Coffee Tavern and Temperance in Alma Place2 Beyond is the Coffee Tavern and Temperance Hall, (right) designed by James Hicks in 1879. The poor were given tokens which they could use here to buy tea, coffee, newspapers etc.
The <B>store</B> built by Samuel Trounson on the corner of Alma Place3 Alma Place leads to Fore Street, with the Clock Tower on the corner. It was built in 1828, replacing an earlier one. The arches at ground level were originally open: they were closed in and used as police cells later in the century. In 1904 the tower was raised one storey (the original top storey was re-used above a new section). It is said that this was done because the new store across Alma Place blocked the view of the clock for miners living in the higher part of the town.The store was built by Samuel Trounson at a cost of 2,000 in 1870. Combining stone and brickwork, it is highly ornate, with carved stone pinnacles on the parapet. The columns are of metal.

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