How to Book has been advertising holiday properties for independent cottage owners and holiday providers since 1996.

This website does not charge you a booking fee. Neither do we take commission from our advertisers so making a booking through us will fully benefit the property owners here in Cornwall. When you make a booking you are dealing direct with the property owner. All our advertisements are created and edited by us and we take care to know our owners. You can see how long an owner has advertised with us at the bottom of each holiday property’s page – for example ‘Started 2006’.

All bookings are provisional/unsecured reservations until your booking request and deposit have been accepted by the property owner.
Advertisers reserve the right to cancel a provisional booking if the dates you have requested clash with a booking made from another source
or if by chance you do not meet their booking conditions.

Some of our advertisers prefer to manage their bookings by telephone or email – in this case you will not be able to make
an online reservation. Once you have heard from the advertiser that your booking request has been accepted, the property’s calendar
should display the dates as reserved within 1-2 days.

Each advertiser has chosen the payment method(s) they are able to accept so you will be asked to pay either by:

  • Internet banking transfer (free of bank charges for the advertiser and for you);
  • Paypal;
  • A card payment gateway such as SagePay; or
  • Cheque.

If you do pay by cheque or internet banking the advertiser will need to check that your payment has arrived before they can
confirm your booking.

You may prefer to use a credit/debit card but find that this option is not offered by the owner. It may be worthwhile contacting the owner to ask if they do have a PayPal account so you can pay with a card – but please be aware that they may ask for an extra fee to cover their card processing costs.

Online bookings are processed by 24:7Booking, a secure booking system owned and run by Chycor Limited.

Chycor Limited is based in Cornwall and has been providing online advertising for self-catering accommodation since 1996.

Although we are not an agent, we establish relationships with our advertisers so we are happy to take your call on 01209 313907 or email if you have any problems with a booking which have not been resolved by an advertiser.