A Guide to Good Eating in Cornwall.

Tim Rice

I do quite a bit of writing down in this part of the world and as every writer knows, most of the time spent at one's desk is devoted to finding ways to put off the ghastly moment when pen must meet paper, or finger keyboard.

The temptation to leg it to one of the marvellous joints listed herein, rather than stick with the rhyming dictionary is often too strong to resist. Feelings of guilt are however quickly assuaged for one alwavs returns from the inn, restaurant or hotel fortified both gastronomically and spiritually beyond measure, thus inspired to greater work.

On occasion some of these nap selections take a bit of searching out, but this guide is here to make that task easier, and even the longest trek to any of the places herein will prove to be worthwhile.

Tim Rice Tim Rice.

Tim Rice's 1998 Introduction

Cornish Accredited Restaurants