A Guide to Good Eating in Cornwall.

Edward Woodward, OBE

I have known this beautiful area since I was evacuated from London as a child in 1941 and I have been fortunate enough to have lived here for the past ten years.

Twenty-five years ago you would have found few restaurants of any note in Cornwall. There was the odd exception, a fish restaurant here, a steak house there, and good pasties and Cornish cream everywhere, however man cannot live on pasties alone (I think most people would agree on that).

Nowadays Cornwall has more excellent restaurants and hotels of quality than any other county in Great Britain. Some restaurants have now become world famous and it's well worth 'splashing out' once in a while, but within easy distance of every town and viflage in Cornwall you will find an excellent place in which to eat. It is now a county noted for superb food, cooked and served in wonderful surroundings by great professionals. From the largest hotel to the smallest bistro you will he served by warm-hearted, generous, hard-working people, making sure that you are presented with the very best of Cornish fare that you, as a welcome guest, deserve.

Believe me, the best of Cornish is the best of British! Don't just take my word for it, come and prove it for yourselves!

Edward Woodward, OBE.
Easter 2000.

Cornish Accredited Restaurants