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Chycor Ltd, Sandy Lane, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 5SU | Company No: 4815953 | VAT No: 675 9027 02


A STANDARD advertisement costs £150 including VAT per season

  • A single templated advert for a property – we will assist you with the initial set up and design.
  • Once the template advert has been set up, you will be able to edit your photographs, text, email address, telephone numbers, colours, etc. as required.
  • An inclusive 24:7Booking account to display your availability and prices.
  • The LATE AVAILABILITY LISTINGS are also inclusive in this price (this page is very popular with our visitors).
  • Access to the Chycor Back Office to view your invoices and maintain your advert.
  • Click here for an example of a templated advert.
  • All adverts must be paid for in advance.


Chycor Booking/Management Service

    • Free adverts on and
    • Marketing of your property as appropriate across the web to achieve the maximum bookings.
    • We liaise with your current housekeeper or can organise a housekeeping service for you.
    • We manage your guests’ visit from booking to departure.
    • The management fee is 15% inc VAT
    • Please contact us for further information.

DESIGNING your Advertisement

What we offer:
  • Free design of your template advert if you provide us with a website from which we can select the copy.
  • Free design if you e-mail us the advert copy as a pdf.
  • Free design if you send us the text in an e-mail with the photographs attached.
  • Free setup for your 24:7Booking account
  • Please phone if you require more details.

TO ENQUIRE about advertising

Advert Requirement

We can provide copy

Chycor services for advertisers

  • Simple login from the Chycor home page using an email address and a password.
  • The following services are inclusive with your subscription:
  • Late Availability Listings – You can post a message at any time which is automatically removed after 7 days.
  • You can add your accommodation to various opt-in Chycor listings:
  • Disabled Friendly Accommodation, Pet Friendly and Large Accommodation listings.
  • You can login to your 24:7Booking account from your account on Chycor
  • Online Billing (Subscription reminders are by email with attached PDF. Paper copies of subscriptions invoices are only provided on request.)

Terms and Conditions

Proofing Adverts:
  • On receipt of payment we will create your advertisement.
  • We will email you the login details for your Chycor account.
  • Please login and proof your advertisment. Any changes made by you are checked prior to publication. These normally occur the next day or Monday if you do an update on the weekend.
  • Please ensure that you test your e-mail address and website link on the advertisement to check that they work correctly.
  • You are responsible for proofing your advertisement.
  • When you are satisfied that all links and e-mails are working, let us know and we will publish the advert.
  • We recommend you bookmark your advertisement.
Minimum Information:
  • We require full disclosure in advertisements of your name, contact address and telephone number.
  • Accurate descriptions are required. Where we feel these are too brief we will ask for more information.
  • Remember good pictures will do far more to sell a holiday then a lot of text.
  • We reserve the right to request more information to ensure genuine transparency for the benefit of visitors.
  • Visitors do appreciate the effort you take to present the facts.

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We hope you have enjoyed browsing through Chycor – Cornwall and you might consider our services.

Chycor Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company Number 4815953. The registered office is Gordon House, Sandy Lane, Redruth TR16 5SU